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There’ll be no more sor­row when I pass away

R.I.P. Ray, you crazy man. “You Don’t Know Me” still makes me cry every time I hear it.
So there’s a lot to talk about! Well not really. But what hap­pened was, well, some of you know that I was inter­view­ing for this big job, right? And I was sup­posed to have another dis­cus­sion about it, then it got post­poned. Then got post­poned again, or pos­si­bly can­celled? Turns out it was can­celled. The posi­tion was elim­i­nated entirely due to cost-​cutting as it was con­sid­ered to be nonessen­tial. Oh well. That now busts my 1.000 inter­view aver­age, but I don’t really think it counts if I never actu­ally had to set foot on the premises of the com­pany. At least they didn’t hire some­one else over me, I don’t think my ego could han­dle that.
I got that news on Monday, Christopher’s birth­day, which is a crappy way to cel­e­brate somebody’s birth­day, but at least there was clo­sure involved. I didn’t bake a cake this year, but there was pud­ding and Cool Whip (by spe­cial request).

3 comments to There’ll be no more sor­row when I pass away

  • Kim

    Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)” by Ray Charles

  • :( I am sorry for this news. I guess there will just have to be a bet­ter some­thing. Also, I don’t think this counts as an inter­view, and as some­one who is run­ning .000, I should know.

  • Kim

    There has to be a bet­ter some­thing. Like maybe I should become a “famed” comic book “artist” and start up a shitty “cou­ture” “col­lec­tion” with a “gayass” name. (See above item.)