When I think about those nights in Montréal

So! We went to Best Buy last week because they were sell­ing the SCTV box for about $5 less than I paid for it on Amazon, and wouldn’t you know it as soon as I had it in my hands, Amazon wouldn’t let me can­cel the order? Meanwhile it’s like, going to be prob­a­bly two weeks after it was released before it actu­ally gets here. Amazon, I hate. And I thought I was get­ting such a good deal from them too. Boo!
Anyway, the SCTV box is pretty awe­some and makes it worth the has­sle. I’ve already watched … all of it, except the reunion spe­cial on disc 5 and the com­men­tary ver­sion of “Polynesiantown.” I’ve watched parts over and over and over again, because I can never get enough of “The Merv Griffith Show,” my hero Lola Heatherton or Eugene Levy’s uncanny Gino Vannelli imper­son­ation, which makes me die every time I see it.
I also got The Day of the Locust (in 5.1 SURROUND!) which I also already watched and uh … what else? Oh yeah, Trainspotting with the sec­ond disc of extras, most of which have been really bor­ing so far. Like I really needed to know what Martin Landau had to say about it at Cannes. I miss the big TV in the liv­ing room, I feel like I have to squint to see any­thing.
Christopher got both sets of “The Office” and then The Day After, which we watched last night. It wasn’t half as cheesy as I was expect­ing. I didn’t see it when it first broad­cast because I think I was being a Nuclear Holocaust TV Movie Snob and I only saw that British one on PBS, I think it was called Threads? And it SUCKED, because like, remem­ber how the girl who was born after every­thing blew up grew up and had a baby her­self to sym­bol­ize, like, the bleak hor­ror implicit in the per­pet­u­a­tion of a post-​nuclear species or what­ever because every­thing was still all blown up and every­thing? And how she was hav­ing her baby and scream­ing and you could see her FILLINGS? Post-​apocalyptic den­tal tech­nol­ogy, hello, I don’t think so. So that totally ruined it for me. I also remem­ber it being bor­ing. And then Testament for American Playhouse with Jane Alexander and William Devane and Lucas Haas and Roxana Zal and man, that thing will mess you up and it still creeps me out today. What was I talk­ing about again? Oh yeah, any­way, I didn’t see The Day After until last night, and it was bet­ter than I was expect­ing, although the stock footage was crack­ing me up. Testament, that is one of the most depress­ing things ever made. I love it.

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