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When you’re feel­ing like a part of you is dying

Vlade on media day, October 4, my anniver­sary, which was clearly weigh­ing heav­ily on his mind. (Click to enlarge.) Good lord, he looks dif­fer­ent!!! He looks … “refreshed.” Did he get some­thing done? I find it hard to believe he’d do some­thing like that. Not my Vlade. What is L.A. doing to you? You […]

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Platinum is best served cold

J-​Will, honey, what on earth were you think­ing? That was taken on Monday at the Grizzlies’ media day. The man needs to rethink that deci­sion. Immediately. Even an ironic Eminem makeover is unac­cept­able. If not more so. Still, this is one of those rare times when “mean­ing it” does not nec­es­sar­ily make it better. […]


And you sip your Napoleon brandy

I should be asleep right now but I just had to point out PARIS (Reuters) — French crooner Sacha Distel, whose seduc­tive good looks won him legions of female fans around the world, died Thursday, his record com­pany said. He was 71. Distel died at a fam­ily home near St. Tropez in the south […]

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You’re a heartbreaker

The man who had trou­ble com­mu­ni­cat­ing in English as a rookie had no trou­ble deliv­er­ing a string of one-​liners Tuesday with the con­fi­dence of a stand-​up come­dian. For exam­ple: • Has he shifted his emo­tions from Sacramento to Los Angeles? “I’m in between. Around Bakersfield.“ • Can he be an effec­tive pass­ing cen­ter? “Well, we are […]

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Let’s go to your place

Hey, remem­ber how I told you a cou­ple months ago that the median price of houses around here was up to $520K? Well check this out: “The median price of houses sold in Santa Clara County climbed to $599,000 in June, the fifth con­sec­u­tive month of record-​high prices, rack­ing up a 15.2 per­cent increase from […]