Reason to be cheerful

Dismal though the Bulls are tend­ing to look as of late, there’s great joy to be had in see­ing Brad shave his head again. That is all.


Bradley Alan Miller: Pure Magic

Bangin’ it ban­gin’ it ban­gin’ it ban­gin’ it […]

so ...

IBTABA: It’s begin­ning to and back again">IBTABA: It’s begin­ning to and back again

Yeah. So how you doin’? […]


Someone has a love letter

FINALLY. It’s the League Pass com­mer­cial fea­tur­ing my “favorite fan­tasy player,” heh heh heh. I’m sorry, that’s ter­ri­bly inap­pro­pri­ate. Anyway, I finally man­aged to dupe it off the DVR cache before I changed the chan­nel and lost it for­ever (which has hap­pened). It sure took long enough; they prac­ti­cally never show this one. And […]

so ...

I know that one day I will get my way

Oh man, Thanksgiving karaōke, what happened.“Jailbreak” (Thin Lizzy)“You Were on My Mind” (We Five)“C’mon and Get My Love” (D Mob intro­duc­ing Cathy Dennis)You do real­ize that the Dancin’ Danny D rap wasn’t pro­vided onscreen, and yet I eas­ily did it any­way? Of course you do. This was the night of me doing songs where the groups’ […]