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Dirty metal in the speed of night

Karaōke on the big money Thursday night? Why yes of course.“Never Gonna Give You Up” (Rick Astley)“Thunder Road” (Bruce Springsteen)Indeed I spanned the globe this evening. I also put in to do a reprise of “Xanadu” but the cards were against me since there were only about a ton of peo­ple there. Also the […]

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Here’s some rock and some roller

Oh yes, my chil­dren. Kings are 3–4, two in a row over 1) creepy lizard man Steve Nash and the Suns and 2) the Nuggets (or the Nuggs, as they are known in this house for inex­plic­a­ble rea­sons). It all turns around NOW! Last night saw the tri­umphant return of Smiley Laugh-​y Brad, and […]

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Use your men­tal­ity, wake up to reality

The Kings are now 1–4. I hate it. The Sonics game was bru­tal. I’d go as far as to say it was F-​ing bru­tal. We kept watch­ing it in the dis­tant hope that Brad Miller would finally snap and beat the crap out of some­body, because there were plenty of peo­ple who were asking […]


Sweet talkin’ c-​c-​c-​candy man

[Brad Miller] was asked Tuesday in Fresno, where the Kings played the Lakers in an exhi­bi­tion, about the per­cep­tion of ten­sion between him and [Chris] Webber.

Shaking his head, Miller was succinct.

All I want to say is (exple­tive) that,” he said. “(Expletive) them. (Expletive) every­body. That’s (expletive).”And so on: Chemistry woes? Miller […]

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OK, kid — let’s deal some drugs">OK, kid — let’s deal some drugs

I should be pay­ing more atten­tion to the “Arrested Development” marathon than I am, since we really have no busi­ness drop­ping Real Money on the DVDs on Tuesday. I’m all about the Hot Cops. This is a sick house. We’re both sick, so sick. Sick sick sick. We haven’t left the house for days. […]