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I know that one day I will get my way

Oh man, Thanksgiving karaōke, what happened.“Jailbreak” (Thin Lizzy)“You Were on My Mind” (We Five)“C’mon and Get My Love” (D Mob intro­duc­ing Cathy Dennis)You do real­ize that the Dancin’ Danny D rap wasn’t pro­vided onscreen, and yet I eas­ily did it any­way? Of course you do. This was the night of me doing songs where the groups’ […]

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‘My Boyfriend’s Back’ b/​w ‘Horses’">My Boyfriend’s Back’ b/​w ‘Horses’

Hey look, Vlade’s all cleared and suited up and throw­ing balls around. He looks good! I mean like good-​looking good. His play­ing sucked (so I hear). Also, look how much this rules. Go see it big­ger for max­i­mum appre­ci­a­tion: Aubernica (wiz​znutzz​.com) This isn’t turn­ing into à bas­ket­ball blog, I’m sorry, I’m just not finding […]

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It’s gone, daddy, gone

OMG break­ing news and an emer­gency installment of


Our long national night­mare is over. Even though he now looks like a refugee from Hoosiers, it’s a remark­able improve­ment. And while he didn’t give a phe­nom­e­nal per­for­mance or any­thing, the Grizzlies did man­age to beat the division-​leading Spurs tonight. COINCIDENCE?! I […]

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See, the boys and me mean business

What was uglier, the Pacers/​Pistons Brawl 4 All or the Mavs uni­forms designed by P. Diddy? Oh ho ho I kid. OR DO I?! Anyway, never in my life have I seen such bla­tant dis­re­spect for bev­er­ages and snack foods of all kinds. Poor Ron Artest. You could tell he was try­ing so, so […]

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Dirty metal in the speed of night

Karaōke on the big money Thursday night? Why yes of course.“Never Gonna Give You Up” (Rick Astley)“Thunder Road” (Bruce Springsteen)Indeed I spanned the globe this evening. I also put in to do a reprise of “Xanadu” but the cards were against me since there were only about a ton of peo­ple there. Also the […]