Bradley Alan Miller: Pure Magic

Bangin’ it ban­gin’ it ban­gin’ it ban­gin’ it […]


Matt Berry’s 4 Albums That Changed My Life

My new favorite favorite revives the fine art of the fake LP. […]


Enrique Carrington-​Colby

A mas­ter class in enthu­si­as­tic expres­sion through punc­tu­a­tion and caps. […]

so ...

So beyond me

Why does Britney Spears keep try­ing to con­vince us of some­thing we will never, ever believe, no mat­ter how hard she tries? How come the Associated Press can put up a graf like this, mean­while I’m not work­ing? At all? Oh yes, work­ing. Remember how I told you about how I was wait­ing on […]


Sweet talkin’ c-​c-​c-​candy man

[Brad Miller] was asked Tuesday in Fresno, where the Kings played the Lakers in an exhi­bi­tion, about the per­cep­tion of ten­sion between him and [Chris] Webber.

Shaking his head, Miller was succinct.

All I want to say is (exple­tive) that,” he said. “(Expletive) them. (Expletive) every­body. That’s (expletive).”And so on: Chemistry woes? Miller […]