Someone has a love letter

FINALLY. It’s the League Pass com­mer­cial fea­tur­ing my “favorite fan­tasy player,” heh heh heh. I’m sorry, that’s ter­ri­bly inap­pro­pri­ate. Anyway, I finally man­aged to dupe it off the DVR cache before I changed the chan­nel and lost it for­ever (which has hap­pened). It sure took long enough; they prac­ti­cally never show this one. And […]

so ...

Here’s some rock and some roller

Oh yes, my chil­dren. Kings are 3–4, two in a row over 1) creepy lizard man Steve Nash and the Suns and 2) the Nuggets (or the Nuggs, as they are known in this house for inex­plic­a­ble rea­sons). It all turns around NOW! Last night saw the tri­umphant return of Smiley Laugh-​y Brad, and […]