Looking for the action, some­thing more to do

I’ve got a cou­ple posts banked, promise.

so ...

What I learned this summer

First thing’s first: I really need to get over hav­ing a pre­cisely and cus­tomly self-​designed WordPress iden­tity and just put up some­thing that will just put things up, so it will be eas­ier for me to put up with putting things up. It’s a deal! Although I’ll have to change this text face eventually. […]


Not tonight, dear

I have a headache. […]

so ...

And proud we are of all of them

Our lives are shaped by what we love. […]

so ...

You stay the hell away from me, Baby Dracula

I’m glad Halloween’s over. I’m not a big fan of it. I’m a fan of the con­cept, maybe, but the exe­cu­tion is lack­ing. Little kids in cos­tumes? Adorable. Adults in cos­tumes? Pointless. Parties full of peo­ple in cos­tumes? Disgusting. I don’t want to will­ingly sub­ject myself to a worst night­mare sit­u­a­tion that is cloaked […]